Directed by Sander Joon
Produced by AAA

Kopli With Love

Seagulls squabble over a pack of cigarettes.
A mushroom-dealer is galloping into the sunset on his horse. A customer is sleeping naked on the meat counter. In Apartment No. 46 resides an elderly lady accompanied by her poodle. A tiger has escaped from an old Soviet cartoon and roams wildly on the streets.

What threads them together is more than just coincidence - they are all inhabitants of Kopli, Tallinn where the daily rhythm is marked by despair, chaos, individualism, inflation and rapid technological evolution. "Kopli with Love"* (working title*) transcends a mere depiction of a district; it unveils a vanishing post-Soviet urban canvas. True to the nature of animation, our surroundings aren't solely occupied by the human characters. Speaking animals, birds, fish, plants, fungi, and technological devices are integral parts of daily life.

Therefore, this intertwined collection of vignettes can be viewed as a sort of urban nature documentary, highlighting the quirks of the human nature. As the narrative unfolds, each character finds their place in the ecosystem.

a feature film in development 

characters in development 

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